I wish to raise a matter for the attention of the Minister for Fishing and Boating in the other place, and it relates to the state of the Patterson River launching ramp, which is the busiest launching ramp on the bay, the busiest one in my electorate and one that is in an advanced state of decline due to the neglect of this government.

I have received correspondence from councillors at the City of Kingston regarding the way in which that boat ramp has decayed, the facilities have decayed, and the fact that the government has provided no funding for its maintenance. In fact correspondence to the council from Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning states that:

With no funds at the moment between PV—

Parks Victoria—

or DELWP, if things fail then they’ll get closed off to the public.

That is not the way to run a public boat ramp. That is not consistent with the commitment this government made going into the 2018 election. When commitments were made around reducing ramp fees, it was not to be at the cost of simply closing ramps because the government could not be bothered providing any funding for them.

The state of the ramp at Patterson Lakes is dire. There are issues with foundations, issues with cracking and slipping for pedestrians because of surface problems, walkway lights malfunctioning et cetera—a very long list of failures as a consequence of the inability for maintenance to be done because no funding has been provided. In fact in other correspondence DELWP has indicated to the council:

DELWP has no budget whatsoever for Patto—

the Patterson River boat ramp. This is simply unacceptable. This is the busiest ramp on the bay. It is the busiest ramp in my electorate. The government made a lot of commitments around supporting recreational boating going into the 2018 election, and I call on the Minister for Fishing and Boating to ensure that budget funding is allocated for the Patterson River boat ramp so that the essential maintenance can be completed and the ramp can be fully reopened.

Gordon Rich-Phillips MP

State Member for South Eastern Metropolitan Region