Pay More, Get Less – Corrections in Victoria

Yesterday’s release of the latest crime statistics by the independent Crime Statistics Agency highlights the ongoing chaos and under performance of Victoria’s correctional system.

Under Daniel Andrews, Victorian taxpayers are paying $323.82 per day per prisoner to fund Victoria’s correctional system – a rate over 78% higher than NSW and almost 45% higher than the Australian average.

Despite funding the nation’s most expensive correctional system, today’s crime statistics confirm Justice Procedure Offences have increased 43.5% under Daniel Andrews.

Furthermore, total offences recorded in Justice Centres have risen 196.4% under Daniel Andrews, these include incidents such as staff assaults, property damage and contraband possession.

With such high rates of crime throughout Victoria’s justice system, it’s no surprise Victoria currently has the worst recidivism rate of any state in the nation, with 58.2% of released prisoners returning to correctives services within two years – up from 48.7% in 2013-14.

With costs, criminal incidents and reoffending on the rise in Victoria’s correctional facilities it’s little wonder why Corrections Minister Ben Carroll describes Victoria prison gatehouses as “turnstiles for offenders”.

David Southwick MP

Shadow Minister for Police

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