PBO blows the whistle on Labor’s Transurban deal

The Parliamentary Budget Office has released a report into the West Gate Tunnel Project and CityLink tolls which estimates that the deal struck by the Andrews Labor Government with Transurban will cost motorists an extra $37.3 billion in tolls.

The Parliamentary Budget Office also calculates that daily CityLink commuters will be charged $87,060 extra in nominal terms over the life of the agreement.

This report blows the whistle on Daniel Andrews’ dodgy deal.

The analysis by the Parliamentary Budget Office shows that of the $37.3 billion in extra tolls, $26.5 billion will come exclusively from CityLink users or around 71% of the toll revenue boost. By comparison, the tolling revenue from the West Gate Tunnel will only make up 29% of the total tolls of this dodgy deal. In other words, Labor’s deal with Transurban for the West Gate Tunnel project doesn’t stack up.

It is clear from the massive increase in tolls from CityLink users that Daniel Andrews’ deal is a financial dud.

The Parliamentary Budget Office analysis shows that over the life of the agreement signed by Daniel Andrews, daily CityLink commuters will be slugged $87,060 extra in tolls.

These extra tolls will not only hurt motorists but they will also impact on small and large businesses with greater freight costs that will be passed onto every Victorian consumer. Daniel Andrews likes to talk a lot about the cost of living but Transurban profits are clearly more important to Labor than the hip pockets of Victorians.

This is a terrible deal for Victorian motorists but it’s a gold mine for Transurban.

The release of this report is a line in the sand moment for the independents and crossbenchers.

It’s now time for the independents and crossbenchers in the Legislative Council to stand up and demand transparency from the Andrews Labor Government and stop this unfair slug on CityLink users.

There’s too much secrecy and misleading information about this clandestine arrangement by this arrogant Labor Government and it’s time Victorians were told the truth.

If the Andrews Labor Government has any decency and respect for Victorians, they will immediately release all financial details behind this deal.

Michael O'Brien MP

Leader of the Opposition

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