Point of Order - Question Time

Mr Rich-Phillips: On a point of order, President, going to the nature of the responses the Minister for Health has been providing to all questions in question time today, the subjects of Ms Crozier’s questions, Mr Davis’s questions and Mr Hayes’s questions are not esoteric matters.

They are matters which are absolutely current and contemporary and which the minister is deeply involved in and has been deeply involved in for months. The provision in the standing orders which allows a minister to take a question on notice was put in place for those matters which a minister might handle on behalf of another minister in another chamber, for those matters which are not contemporary, up-to-date, complex technical matters—data as Ms Crozier mentions.

The matters which the Minister for Health has been asked about today are all contemporary matters that she is heavily involved in on a day-to-day basis and has been for months.

So her decision not to provide answers in the chamber today when she clearly has the capacity to do so is nothing more than a contempt of this chamber, and I would ask that you direct her to provide verbal answers when quite clearly you know and every other member of this chamber knows that she is deeply involved in these matters, contemporary matters, and she has the capacity to give verbal answers today.

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