Prisoners cash in ‘get out of jail‘ cards

Confirmation almost a thousand years’ worth of sentence reductions have been awarded to Victorian prisoners, is the latest threat to community safety from Daniel Andrews’ mismanaged pandemic response.

912 years’ worth of emergency management days have been taken off inmate sentences in compensation for lockdowns and other measures since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The shocking data was revealed to the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee (PAEC).

Daniel Andrews’ failure to properly manage Victoria’s corrections system during COVID-19 has seen the average sentenced inmate receive an average of 26.3 days off their sentence, despite following similar quarantine arrangements as have been required of the broader community.

These sentence reductions come on top of additional allowances and expenditure on communications for inmates, including;

  • As of 15 December 2020, $2.488 million has been spent on an additional $10 per week phone allowance, with inmates are able “cash out” any unspent amount upon release from prison.

  • $309,777 has been spent on 591 tablets for video calls.

  • 1,756 Zoom accounts have been purchased at an estimated $131,000 per year.

Due to Daniel Andrews’ mismanagement of prisons during COVID-19, it’s clear the only ones coming out ahead of this pandemic are Victorian prisoners.

Comments attributable to David Southwick, Shadow Minister for Corrections:

“It’s clear Daniel Andrews’ priorities are all wrong when ordinary Victorians were being locked out of their own state, yet prisoners are handed almost a month off their sentences.

“Prison isn’t a holiday and inmates shouldn’t be rewarded for following the same rules as the rest of the community.

“With extra phone allowances, Zoom calls and emails, goodie bags on arrival, and now over 900 years’ worth of sentence reductions, it seems the only ones coming out head of COVID-19 are prisoners.”

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