Questions for Youth Justice Minister Ben Carroll to answer this afternoon

Just two days after the last incident, how was another young offender able to get onto the roof at Parkville Youth Justice Centre?

With a second investigation announced, who is conducting both investigations?

Will both investigations into incidents at Parkville Youth Justice Centre this week be made public?

Was the young offender who was on the roof today also involved in the Malmsbury riot?

$72 million was spent of fortification works, how much more will now be needed to fix the problems?

On Tuesday, Daniel Andrews said changes will be made at Parkville Youth Justice Centre if necessary, will those changes now be fast-tracked and at what cost?

Recommendation 5 of Neil Comrie’s Review of the Parkville Youth Justice Precinct (Stage Two) states:

“That youth justice staff advise their supervisors at the earliest possible opportunity of any evidence or indication that young offenders may be planning disruptive behaviour and that supervisors record such advice and communicate this advice as soon as possible to the Operations Manager on duty”.

Were staff made aware of warnings that a young offender would riot on the roof of Parkville Youth Justice Centre on Wednesday and again today?

Recommendation 11 of the same review states “That the use of agency staff is minimised as soon as possible”. On Wednesday, the CPSU called Parkville Youth Justice Centre “Labour Hire central”. More than 700 days have now passed since Neil Comrie handed down his review, why has the Andrews Labor Government failed to implement this recommendation?

Since Wednesday’s incident, for how many hours has Parkville been in lockdown?

Has Parkville Youth Justice Centre been on bypass at any stage in the last 48 hours? (Meaning not enough staff to properly manage the young offender numbers and Victoria Police are assisting in monitoring young offenders in cells.)

Brad Battin MP

Shadow Minister for Youth Justice

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