Ratepayers forced to pay up for Labor recycling crisis

Labor’s embattled Environment Minister, Lily D’Ambrosio, today confirmed that Victorian families will be slugged millions of dollars to pay for the privilege of sending their recycling to the tip as she refused to suspend Labor’s bin tax until the recycling crisis is fixed.

In Question Time today Minister D’Ambrosio also did not rule out more recycling going to landfill once Labor’s feeble assistance package runs out in just four months.

Ratepayers in Ballarat are being forced to pay an additional $2 million to deal with Labor’s recycling crisis. This is equivalent to more than $40 for every Ballarat household.

By refusing to suspend collection of the bin tax while recycling is being sent to landfill, Victorians are being forced to line the pockets of the Andrews Labor Government for its own policy failure.

The Andrews Labor Government is asleep at the wheel. It hasn’t had a recycling strategy for the past 5 years and, as a result, the environment and Victorians are being forced to pay the price.

Once again the Andrews Labor Government is all spin and no substance.

Michael O'Brien

Leader of the Opposition

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