Right Turn Arrow

I wish to raise a matter for the attention of the Minister for Roads. I have received representations from prominent residents in Mornington regarding the intersection of Nepean Highway and Bungower Road, Mornington, in relation to the flow of traffic seeking to turn right out of Bungower Road onto the Nepean Highway.

The residents have written that a right-turn arrow has recently been installed at the intersection of Bungower Road and the Nepean Highway to facilitate right-turning traffic out of Bungower Road; however, that right-turn arrow is not operative at the time at which it is needed. Presumably it is being used at morning peak hour and possibly evening peak hour, but that does not cover the period where congestion is causing difficulty for traffic that is seeking to turn out of Bungower Road onto Nepean Highway. In fact my correspondent writes that in the particular cycle that they were concerned about, which occurred at 10.30 in the morning on a weekday, more than 10 cars were banked up seeking to turn right out of Bungower Road into Nepean Highway.

Given the only 30-second cycle time for the green light, only about two cars were able to get through. Likewise on the next cycle again only two cars were able to make a right turn because of oncoming traffic. The issue is not one of installing a right-turn arrow. That has occurred; that is there. It is about ensuring that it is activated through the shoulder period, where it is apparently required.

So the action I seek from the Minister for Roads is to ensure that that right-turn arrow, which has been installed for traffic turning right out of Bungower Road into Nepean Highway, is activated through the shoulder period as local traffic demands.

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