Roadside drug testing must be increased, not cut

New data shows that regional Victoria is becoming a drug driving hotspot - but Daniel Andrews’ answer to the growing problem is to reduce roadside testing and cut funding.

Police data for 2018 showed that of the 15 locations where drug drivers are most frequently caught – nine were in regional Victoria.

The figures come as Daniel Andrews is ripping $2.9 billion from the Transport Accident Commission and has cut roadside alcohol breath tests by 400,000.

Data from the Police Association also shows that out of the 900 new police allocated over the past 3 years, only 77 officers have gone to regional Victoria (around 8.6%.)

Rather than cutting funding and testing, the Liberal Nationals has a three point plan for road safety which would work towards reducing the number of deaths on our roads.

An elected Liberal Nationals Government will fund 1,000 extra drug tests each week, increase penalties for drug driving and focus speed camera site selection on reducing road trauma, not raising revenue.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Rural Roads, Roma Britnell:

“Despite there now being more drivers dying with drugs in their system than dying with alcohol in their system, there are far fewer drug tests performed and the penalties for drug driving are significantly lower than for drink driving.

Regional police are crying out for more resources, but instead Daniel Andrews is directing new police to the city and cutting funding.

For every week the Andrews Labor Government delays taking action, more lives on our roads will be placed at risk.”

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