Small business package leaves questions unanswered

Small businesses have been crying out for a comprehensive relief package to stop them closing their doors and cutting Victorian jobs as a result of the unprecedented pressure of COVID-19.

All other states and the Federal Government have already announced small business relief packages, but the Andrews Labor Government’s delays left Victorian jobs and the future of too many of our small businesses on the line.

The small business package the Andrews Labor Government has announced today leaves many questions unanswered.

Daniel Andrews says this package includes funding for small businesses that don’t pay payroll tax, but couldn’t say what measures they will be able to access.

Our smallest businesses, particularly those in the entertainment, hospitality and tourism sectors, are some of the most vulnerable to the pressures of COVID-19.

Comment attributable to Leader of the Opposition Michael O’Brien

Unprecedented times require an unprecedented response. Victorian small businesses have had to wait for an announcement from Daniel Andrews.

I was hoping to see land tax relief for tenanted residential properties, as tenants and their landlords need support. Questions also remain about exactly what support sole traders and micro businesses under the payroll tax threshold will receive.

Small businesses and their staff are among the most vulnerable to the economic pressure created by the COVID-19 crisis.

This announcement is a start, but it is only a start. More will need to be done to protect small businesses and save jobs.

Comment attributable to Shadow Treasurer Louise Staley

The COVID-19 pandemic has already forced many small businesses in the entertainment, hospitality and tourism sector to their knees while Daniel Andrews failed to follow the lead of every other state with direct support for business.

Small businesses that don’t pay payroll tax are suffering now. They are being forced to lay off workers now. They can’t afford to wait for assistance.

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