Solutions, not more talk, needed to fix Victoria’s recycling crisis

Practical solutions to help solve Victoria’s recycling crisis are being ignored by the Andrews Labor Government.

Tens of thousands of tonnes of recycling is now being stockpiled in warehouses across Melbourne or sent to landfill because of Daniel Andrews’ failure to act to prevent what’s become an environmental disaster.

Despite this, Labor continues to make money through Bin Taxes without any plan to drive genuine change.

Visiting Carrum Downs mixed recycled plastics manufacturer Replas today, Opposition Leader Michael O’Brien announced the Liberal Nationals will lead by example to fix this recycling crisis.

A Liberal Nationals government will require government agencies such as Parks Victoria and the Victorian Schools Building Authority to prioritise fully recycled plastic products – such as those made by Replas – as part of their purchasing policies.

This is genuine action the Victorian Government can take now to ensure plastics that are currently being stockpiled or sent to landfill are instead utilised to the benefit of our communities.

This will help protect our environment and reduce the recycling stockpile, while also promoting local manufacturing and creating jobs.

Replas takes plastic waste and uses it to create recycled plastic products, such as park benches, bollards, walkways and playground material, which can then be enjoyed by the community.

Comments attributable to Leader of the Opposition, Michael O’Brien:

“Victorians diligently recycle household waste because we know it’s good for our environment and helps to keep our streets clean. However, Labor’s let us down by failing to find solutions to stop our recycling going to landfill.

“The Liberal Nationals believe there’s genuine, existing opportunities for the Victorian Government to lead by example in reducing the plastics stockpile.

“Government should be buying more recycled plastic products to ensure that we take responsibility for our own plastic recycling. Labor isn’t doing this but the Liberal Nationals will.

“The complete lack of planning from Daniel Andrews and Labor and their refusal to develop a waste strategy in the past five years has left Victorians who diligently sort their waste feeling powerless.

“Harnessing the innovative solutions of local companies, such as Replas, offers a better use for plastic recycling than sending it to landfill as well as creating new manufacturing jobs.”

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