Sound Barriers

My constituency question is to the Minister for Transport Infrastructure and relates to the omission of sound barriers in the design of the second-stage Monash Freeway upgrade that incorporates the duplication or expansion of O’Shea Road, Berwick, from a single lane to three lanes in each direction from the Beaconsfield exchange to Soldiers Road, Berwick.

Residents of the Affinity Estate, which adjoins O’Shea Road, have expressed their concern regarding the impact the extra lanes will have on noise levels, pollution, traffic volumes and safety issues around their properties.

During the community consultation process residents were advised that the design would incorporate four lanes; however, that has now been increased to six lanes without consultation.

They were also shown artist’s impressions which had sound barriers included.

VicRoads have advised they are not going to install sound barriers, so I ask the Minister for Transport Infrastructure to take into consideration the residents’ concerns and to ensure that sound barriers are built as were shown in the artist’s impressions of this project.

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