South Gippsland Highway Road Safety Review

My constituency question is to the Minister for Roads, regarding the South Gippsland Highway road safety review, which was conducted in 2017 following a double fatality near Lighthouse Christian College in Cranbourne. The review looked at the safety of the South Gippsland Highway between Ballarto Road and Clyde-Five Ways Road, including in the vicinity of the school. As part of the review it was announced in September 2017 that a new 80-kilometre speed limit would be installed in the vicinity of the college. The review also stated that, and I quote, that: VicRoads will be considering other innovative solutions and safety initiatives to improve the intersection of Devon Road and Lighthouse College. As this announcement was made almost a year and a half ago, I ask the Minister for Roads what those innovative solutions and safety initiatives are and when they will be implemented in the vicinity of Lighthouse Christian College.

Response from Minister for Roads:

New warning sings have been installed and an 80km/h speed limit introduced on the South Gippsland Highway. These works were implemented in late 2017. There have been no further reported accidents outside Lighthouse College since this time.

In 2017, VicRoads considered additional innovative treatments which would have been appropriate for the number of students at Lighthouse Christian College.

Since that time, the school has obtained a planning permit from Council to increase their student numbers to 1,000. This increase necessitates the need to signalise the school access. Signalisation of the access is the safest treatment for the expected increased traffic movements at the school, like all adjacent developments impacting arterial roads, should be funded by the school. VicRoads has been actively liaising with Lighthouse Christian College on the concept design and timing of these works. Initial concept designs were reviewed by VicRoads in early 2018.

VicRoads is continuing to engage with the school around its plans for ensuring safe access.

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