Springvale Road Junction Improvement Project

My constituency question is to the Minister for Roads, and it relates to Springvale junction, which is one of the most complex intersections in Australia. It has one of the highest collision rates and indeed has also incurred a number of fatalities. In 2015 the government undertook a consultation examining a number of treatments that could be introduced at Springvale junction to improve traffic flow and to separate a number of the multiple directions of traffic which flow into that junction, and it produced a community consultation summary report in July 2016. Since then—almost three years—no action has taken place. My constituency question to the minister is: given the government has undertaken this consultation and canvassed all these options of possible treatments to that intersection, will the government now actually implement some?

Response from the Minister for Roads:

Following feedback from the community sessions in 2015, VicRoads implemented some improvements at Springvale Junction, including improved pavement markings and signage to help road users navigate more easily and safely through the Junction.

VicRoads has also continued to develop various treatment options including an interim treatment to mitigate the worst crash pattern at this site. Future treatments are currently being considered for funding as part of the Safe System Road Infrastructure Program.

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