State Budget confirms justice administration crisis under Daniel Andrews

Daniel Andrews’ appalling mismanagement of the ongoing Fines Victoria fiasco is just another example of a Victorian justice system in crisis under the State Labor Government.

The Fines Victoria debacle has not only had a significant financial impact to taxpayers, but many innocent Victorians’ lives have been severely impacted with the loss of their licences and financial hardship as a result of mistakes and the new IT system’s failure.

Yesterday’s 2019-20 State Budget has revealed that not only has the cost of the Fines Victoria new IT system blown out by over $20 million, the project completion date has been extended by another year to June 2020, when it was originally meant to be finished in December 2017.

The Budget further revealed that the Fines Victoria fiasco has also severely impacted on the administration of justice with infringement warrants actioned in 2018-19, now only expected to total 35,000 compared to the budgeted target of 750,000 - a massive 95 per cent reduction.

The Andrews Labor Government’s failure to properly manage new IT projects across government has also seen the new IT system at Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria cause serious delays in processing requests for certificates, causing unnecessary additional angst to grieving loved ones.

These delays are reflected in the Budget performance target for birth, death and marriage certificate completion applications processed within five days of receipt likely not be met, falling from 100 per cent in 2017-18 to 85 per cent this year.

Edward O'Donohue MP

Shadow Attorney-General

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