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Statement from Gordon Rich-Philllips

I am announcing my decision to retire from Parliament at the end of this year, after 23 years’ service.

It has been a great honour for me to be a Member of the Legislative Council representing Eumemmerring Province and South Eastern Metropolitan Region, and to serve 17 years on the frontbench as a Minister, Shadow Minister, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party (Council) and Deputy Leader of the Opposition (Council).

I am proud to have served as a Cabinet Minister in the Baillieu and Napthine Governments, as Assistant Treasurer, Minister for Technology, and Minister for Aviation Industry.

Serving as a Minister is the ultimate opportunity to make a difference for Victoria and I am proud to have delivered initiatives spanning technology, ICT in government, WorkCover, finance, and regional aviation.

As Assistant Treasurer highlights included delivering WorkCover reforms and premium reductions saving Victorian businesses over $340 million; government procurement reform; launching the Geelong insurance hub with WorkCover, TAC and NDIA; and as part of the economic team, delivering four surplus budgets.

As Minister for Technology I developed and implemented the first Victorian Government ICT Strategy to reform the way in which ICT is purchased and used by government; IP and data access reforms to drive innovation; a comprehensive policy to attract and retain skilled ICT workers; and facilitated more than 5,500 jobs and over $1.1 billion of private sector investment in Victoria's ICT, biotech and small tech sectors.

As Minister for Aviation Industry I worked with Victoria’s world-class aerospace manufacturing and pilot training sectors to develop export opportunities, secure the AIR5428 ADF pilot training program for Victoria, and established the Regional Aviation Fund supporting the upgrade of 22 regional airports across Victoria.

Parliament is key to our democracy, and my most important role has been as a Parliamentarian. I have been privileged to serve as chairman of the Standing Committee on Finance and Public Administration, and as chairman of select committees inquiring into the Port of Melbourne privatisation, the fire-services restructure, and the issue of lotteries licences. For 11 years I served on the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee.

I would like to thank the people of Eumemmerring Province and South Eastern Metropolitan Region for electing me five times, and for the privilege of representing them in Parliament. It has been enormously rewarding to represent an area that over time spanned Springvale, Frankston, Warburton, Reefton and Bunyip and to work with so many local communities and inspiring individuals.

I would like to thank my family for their unwavering support. They were there from day one, and without them this would not have been possible.

Nothing is achieved alone, and I would like to thank my electorate and ministerial staff for their incredible loyalty, dedication and hard work. Likewise the parliamentary and departmental staff I had the privilege to work with who displayed professionalism and commitment to the Victorian community.

Without the Liberal Party, it would not have been possible for me to be a Member of Parliament. I would like to thank the chairmen and members of my electorate councils and the thousands of party volunteers who have supported me over the years. In particular I thank the preselectors who put their faith in a 25-year-old candidate in 1999. I hope I have repaid that faith.

Finally I wish Matthew Guy and my Liberals and Nationals colleagues and candidates every success for the November 2022 election.

Parliamentary Service

Member for Eumemmerring Province 1999-06

Member for South Eastern Metropolitan Region 2006-22

Assistant Treasurer 2010-14

Minister for Technology 2010-14

Minister responsible for the Aviation Industry 2010-14

Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party (Council) 2014-18

Deputy Leader of the Opposition (Council) 2014-18

Shadow Minister appointments 2004-10, 2014-21

(Government Services, Regulatory Reform, Digital Economy, Aviation, Higher Education, Innovation, Jobs and Trade, Training and Skills, Finance, Road Safety and the TAC, Roads (Metropolitan), Government Administration, Assistant Treasurer, Special Minister of State, Federal-State Relations, Community Development, Information Technology, WorkCover, TAC, Commonwealth Games)

Secretary of the Parliamentary Liberal Party 2002-05

Legislative Council Privileges Committee 2007-10, 2015-22

Chairman Select Committee into Fire Services 2017

Chairman Select Committee into Port of Melbourne 2016

Chairman Standing Committee on Finance & Public Admin. 2008-10

Chairman Select Committee on Gaming Licencing 2007-08

Select Committee into the URLC Managing Director 2001-02

Public Accounts and Estimates Committee 1999-10

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