Statement from Shadow Minister for Equality

The dreadful behaviour and attitudes revealed on last night’s 60 Minutes program shows the true attitude the Victorian Labor Party has towards LGBTIQ Victorians.

The blatant use of LGBTIQ Victorians for the sole purpose of enabling organised Victorian Labor Party branch stacking is disgraceful. Labor’s attitude to LGBTIQ Victorians is that they are just a tool to be used in Labor’s internal factional power games.

LGBTIQ Victorians should be concerned that they have just been used by factional powerbrokers in Victorian Labor for their own purposes, rather than engaged in the political process for a genuine reason.

Victorian Labor should apologise to members of Victoria’s LGBTIQ community for its disgraceful behaviour.

As reported in the Age:

(Minister) “Somyurek’s interactions with the 20-something Labor staffers placed in his branch stacking flying squad are just as telling.”

“Behind their backs, Somyurek describes these young staffers as "patronising and annoying", and "real little f---ing slimy little f---ers, little passive-aggressive f---ing gay kids.”

"We’ll have our gay kids just doing what they do: just being patronising and annoying.”

LGBTIQ Victorians have been bitterly let down by this Labor Government and Daniel Andrews as Premier wears responsibility for that.

David Davis MP

Shadow Minister for Equality

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