Statement from the Shadow Treasurer

The announcement that Treasurer Tim Pallas and the Premier for Melbourne have deliberately delayed the State Budget is a taste of what Victorians will get if Bill Shorten is elected – Government for Labor and Canberra not for Victorians.

Tim Pallas said the budget will make hard choices yet the only choice Mr Pallas has made is to campaign for Bill Shorten instead of letting Victorians know the bad news he has planned for them.

Under Labor and Daniel Andrews, Victoria now has 12 new taxes and is the highest taxed state in Australia. What new taxes is Taxing Tim now trying to hide from Victorians? Bill Shorten plans an additional $150 billion in new taxes – and that’s only the ones he’s already announced. Victorians will pay and pay under a Federal State Labor duo.

State debt is set to double, mortgaging Victorians future for decades to come. By contrast, the Morrison Liberal Nationals Government is paying off the debt mountain Federal Labor left behind last time it was given the opportunity to govern.

And for Victorians outside the tram tracks, what new cuts do the Premier for Melbourne and his Taxing Treasurer have planned?

Will country roads and regional infrastructure remain underfunded and ignored by this Melbourne-centric government? Will Mr Pallas keep ignoring desperately-needed upgrades to hospitals and schools in regional Victoria?

Country Victorians deserve to know if Labor will go ahead with its plans to axe the Regional Development Fund which has invested $1 billion into country communities.

This is the Victorian Budget and Victorians deserve to know what new taxes and new cuts to regional programs they will be suffering under Labor.

Victorians deserve better.

Louise Staley MP

Shadow Treasurer

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