Statement on snap lockdown from the Leader of the Opposition, Michael O’Brien

For the millions of Victorians who are feeling anxious, depressed and frustrated as a result of today's announcement, you know that it is not your fault.

We know how hard people are taking this. Help is there for you and if you need it, please reach out and ask for it.

You didn't cause this, you've done the right thing, but you're being asked to pay a price because of the Labor Government’s gross errors.

Victorians have got every right to be absolutely furious with the Andrews Labor Government. This government stuffed up hotel quarantine again, this government mismanaged contact tracing again and this government let the virus into our community again.

This government is now making Victorians pay for their mistakes by locking us up for a third time.

It is just not good enough.

Victorians don't expect magic or miracles. They just expect competence from their State Government and they haven't seen it. Why is this only happening in Victoria? Why is this the third time we are going into lockdown?

I feel so much for every Victorian who is hurting at the moment, for those people whose plans have been thrown out the window. The brides and grooms who are planning to get married this weekend, those planning to celebrate Valentine's Day, and the small businesses that were planning to open their doors and create jobs. All of these people are being hit between the eyes because of Labor’s third lockdown.

We were promised by the Andrews Labor Government that they had learned the lessons of last time. We were promised that hotel quarantine would not let the virus escape again.

This clearly was just more Labor spin.

The Andrews Labor Government created the second wave of COVID-19 and Victorians banded together to see it off. I'm absolutely confident that Victorians will do the same thing again and see off Labor’s third wave.

Let's support everyone who is doing it tough as a result of this announcement today. Let's support each other as Victorians. Let's make sure we defeat this virus.

And let’s make sure that the Andrews Labor Government is accountable for where we are.

Michael O'Brien MP

Leader of the Opposition

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