Stop the Big Bill propaganda – reverse health cuts now

The Liberals and Nationals are today calling on the Andrews Labor Government to immediately re-direct its Big Bill advertising expenditure into fixing the state’s worsening health crisis.

In April 2022, the Victorian Auditor-General found Labor’s Big Build advertisements were political in nature – in clear breach of Victorian legislation.

At least $11.5 million has been spent on these ads since 2018 and despite the Auditor-General’s recent findings, continue to run on TV and other mediums.

At the same time, Daniel Andrews’ recent budget has cut health spending by more than $2 billion, reducing from $27.055 billion in 2021-21 to $25.018 billion in 2022-23 (BP3 page 220).

Daniel Andrews’ $2 billion health cut includes;

  • More than $1 billion cut from admitted services (includes elective surgery).

  • $26 million cut from emergency services (relates to emergency presentations at reporting hospitals with emergency departments).

  • $166 million cut from non-admitted services (includes services for medical diagnosis and treatment; ongoing management of chronic conditions; pre- and post-hospital care; and maternity care).

  • $4 million cut from ambulance non-emergency services.

  • $36 million cut from drug treatment and rehabilitation.

  • $107 million cut from community health care (includes delivery of a range of community care and support services, including counselling, allied health and nursing, that enable people to continue to live independently in the community).

  • $10.5 million cut from small rural services - acute health (includes admitted and non-admitted services delivered by small rural services, including elective and non-elective surgical and medical care, urgent care services, and maternity services).

Shadow Minister for Health, Georgie Crozier said Labor’s political Big Bill ads must be stopped immediately and that money re-directed to the failing health system.

“Instead of fixing his health crisis, Daniel Andrews is cutting funding to elective surgery, ambulance services and emergency departments.”

“Daniel Andrews is all spin and no substance. Victorians deserve a government focused on getting us out of this mess, not one obsessed with its own PR.”

“It’s a disgrace that Daniel Andrews can find the money to fund his political Big Bill ads but not to build the Melton or Barwon Women’s and Children’s hospitals.”

“These political and self-congratulatory ads must be stopped immediately and that money put into fixing Labor’s health crisis.”

Georgie Crozier MP

Shadow Minister for Health