Strengthening integrity across Victoria’s public service

Victoria’s public service would receive an immediate integrity boost and anti-corruption support under a new plan announced today by the Victorian Liberals and Nationals.

A recent Victorian Public Sector Commission’s People Matter Survey found perceptions of impartiality and accountability across Victoria’s public service are falling.

Furthermore, the Victorian Ombudsman has recently confirmed a new investigation into the politicisation of Victoria’s public service – with at least 90 former Labor ministerial staff now working within Victorian Government departments.

An impartial public service is an effective public service. In the context of increasing politicisation, Victoria’s public servants need additional support to identify, prevent and speak out against improper conduct.

Therefore, in collaboration with the Independent Broad Based Anti-Corruption Commission and Victorian Public Sector Commission, a Matthew Guy Liberals and Nationals Government will;

  • Provide anti-corruption training to all senior public servants.

  • Require anti-corruption training be part of the public sector induction program.

  • Deliver a mandatory refresher anti-corruption training and regime for the public service.

Shadow Minister for Government Scrutiny, Louise Staley, said the Liberals and Nationals’ plan would help support Victoria’s public service to reduce corruption risks.

“Victorians deserve an impartial and focused public service that puts the interests of the community first.”

“This training program will help minimise corruption risks and ensure Victorians get value for money from public servants across all areas of government.”

“Under Daniel Andrews, the number of public service executives has almost doubled – yet perceptions of impartiality and accountability are falling.”

“Only a Matthew Guy Liberals and Nationals Government has real solutions to support integrity and honesty to government in Victoria.”

Louise Staley MP

Shadow Minister for Government Scrutiny