Suez Landfill Hampton Park

The matter I raise tonight is for the attention of the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change in the other place, and it relates to the oversight by the Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) of the Suez landfill in Hallam Road, Hampton Park, and the impact that that landfill is having on an adjoining farm in Langbourne Drive in Hampton Park.

I have been contacted a number of times by the owners of the farm on the adjoining land, who report that there have been repeated instances of litter blowing from the landfill onto the farming property. Records have been kept by the farmers in respect of this, and typically major litter events are occurring about once a week. Additionally there is significant run-off from the landfill onto the farming property, including contamination of a dam used for stock, and that has been happening on an average of once a month.

So these are significant contamination issues of litter and run-off flowing from the landfill onto the farming property. There are conditions on the licence issued by the EPA for this landfill which have very clear requirements with respect to litter and run-off, and the EPA is failing to enforce them. There is nothing complicated about the licence conditions—they are very straightforward licence conditions—yet multiple complaints have been made to the EPA. They are politely acknowledged by the EPA, and nothing is done about it.

This matter has been raised with the minister for the environment previously by way of correspondence, and she has provided a written response which is essentially a fob-off drafted by the EPA, similar to the fob-offs that the landowners have been receiving directly from the EPA themselves.

So I now ask the minister for the environment to intervene with the EPA to ensure that they actually enforce the licence conditions which are in place in respect of the Suez landfill in Hallam Road in Hampton Park to ensure that these repeated litter events and run-off events are not occurring and impacting the operation of that adjoining farm.

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