Thanking those delivering what Victoria needs

Victoria’s transport and logistics industry is again proving it is the backbone of the nation.

As supermarket shelves are stripped bare of essential items, the industry is putting in the hard yards to make sure Victorians have access to what they need.

Transport drivers are working overtime to make sure deliveries are getting to supermarkets, while supply chain workers are putting in long hours to fill orders so Victorians have access to what they need.

They need our support to get the job done to ensure our supermarkets are stocked. Now is the time for local governments to temporarily ease curfews on arterial roads, especially at night.

This is a move that has bipartisan support and has been done in other jurisdictions.

Again we are seeing the immense value our transport drivers and logistics chain workforce have in the community they serve.

We saw during the bushfires our truckies were among the first to put their hands up to provide assistance to those who needed help –we are seeing now they are going the extra mile, along with supply chain workers, to make sure Victorians have access to the basics.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Ports and Freight, Roma Britnell:

“I want to put on the record my thanks for all those people who are putting in extra hours to make sure Victorian’s have what they need to get through these uncertain times. Your work is invaluable.

“I’m concerned about the impacts this unnecessary panic buying is having on our supply chain workers, supermarket workers and on vulnerable people in our community.

“Our truck drivers and supply chain workers can only stretch so far. If they aren’t at work, the state will grind to a half. That’s something that needs to be considered by people who continue striping the shelves bare.”

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