The only guilty ones are Andrews and Merlino

Daniel Andrews and James Merlino are guilty of wasting precious police time and resources because of their vexatious claim.

In a desperate pre-election attempt to distract attention from the Fraud Squad’s investigation into Labor’s Red Shirt rorts, James Merlino manufactured a claim against his political opponents.

Labor’s claim was so lame that in their complaint they mistakenly included people like Louise Staley, John Pesutto and Tim Smith who were not even MPs at the time they alleged.

The fact James Merlino was prepared to waste precious police time on an act of political payback tells you everything you need to know about Labor’s attitude to the police and law and order.

It’s no wonder Victoria continues to have a crime problem when Labor think nothing of wasting police time and resources on a vexatious claim.

Edward O'Donohue MP

Shadow Attorney-General

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