Three day wait for action after violent school assault

When Tim, a parent at Berwick College, contacted the Department of Education for help after his son was viciously attacked by a fellow student, the shocking response he received was – we’ll get back to you in three days.

Tim has had to withdraw his son from the school after another student ran 100 metres, jumped a six foot fence and smashed a window to attack his son.

It took four teachers to restrain the attacker, who remains a student at the school.

When questioned in Parliament today about why Tim received such a shocking and inadequate answer from the Department, Labor’s Education Minister, James Merlino refused to explain or condemn this heartless response.

Tim spoke about the incident with the Berwick school principal and said on 3AW radio:

“They say they are powerless, the child has a right to be at the school and be on the premises…the school’s hands are tied.”

Violent attacks at Victorian schools are disgracefully becoming a daily event under the

Andrews Labor Government and yet school principals aren’t being given the powers they need to keep their students safe.

It’s time that Daniel Andrews stop the political spin and actually give principals the power they need to address the epidemic of violence consuming Victorian schools.

Cindy McLeish MP Shadow Minister for Education

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