Tim the Taxer’s luxury car tax backflip

Even when it comes to Labor’s favourite pastime of introducing new taxes, Victoria’s hapless Treasurer, Tim the Taxer Pallas, just can’t get it right.

It has now been revealed that after an eleventh hour negotiation with peak industry body VACC, the Treasurer has backed down on his original plans for this tax and offered a small reprieve to those who had already ordered a car before this new impost was created.

Labor has no idea of the real world implications of its decisions, and the 2019-20 Budget is littered with new taxes that came as a complete surprise to many peak industry bodies.

It epitomises just how out of touch this arrogant Labor Government has become.

Comments attributable to Shadow Treasurer, Louise Staley:

“The arrogance of this Treasurer knows no bounds – before adding yet another new tax to his shopping list of taxes he should have consulted with industry bodies.

Labor is addicted to new and higher taxes because when they run out of money, they always come after taxpayers for more.”

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