Today is the opportunity for crossbenchers to stand up for motorists

Today is crunch time for independent and crossbench MPs in the Legislative Council as they vote on legislation that could slug daily users of CityLink with an extra $87,060 in tolls.

Yesterday the Parliamentary Budget Office released analysis into the West Gate Tunnel Project and CityLink tolls which estimates that the secret deal struck by the Andrews Labor Government with Transurban will cost CityLink motorists with an extra $37.3 billion in tolls over the life of the agreement.

If the Andrews Labor Government has no sense of shame about condemning CityLink motorists to an extra $37.3 billion in tolls, then it’s time for independent and crossbench MPs to stand up and be counted. The independents and crossbenchers have been very strong in their comments about the importance of transparency.

Today is the time for independents and crossbenchers to deliver on that transparency by demanding that the Andrews Labor Government release the contract.

This is a great opportunity for independent and crossbench MPs to deliver a big hip pocket win for CityLink motorists and their families.

Louise Staley MP

Shadow Treasurer

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