Transurban deal remains Victoria’s best kept secret

Fiona Patten on 3AW this morning confirmed that the Andrews Labor Government refused to provide her with advice on how many billions of dollars Transurban will collect in extra toll revenue on this dodgy deal.

The Andrews Labor Government has stitched up Victorian motorists with a dodgy deal which will force motorists on the Monash and the Tulla to pay toll increases double the current CPI for the next 10 years, and extend Transurban’s tolling rights to 2045 to fund a road in the western suburbs they don’t use.

But in a private briefing with the Andrews Labor Government, when Fiona Patten asked for calculations on how much Transurban would collect in extra tolls she was advised it was secret. It says much about the secrecy of the Andrews Labor Government that they are now pioneering information-free briefings with crossbench MPs.

This dodgy deal is a huge money-spinner for Transurban that will come directly out of the pocket of motorists.

Under this secret, sweetheart deal with Daniel Andrews, CityLink users pay above CPI toll increases for the next 10 years, and it extends Transurban’s tolling rights for a further 10 years, out to 2045.

It will also alarm many Victorians that in this morning’s interview with Heidi Murphy, Fiona Patten mistakenly thought that the project was put out to tender by the government and Transurban were the only company to bid for it.

There was no tender. It was an unsolicited proposal by Transurban. There’s too much secrecy and misleading information about this dodgy deal and its time the Andrews Labor Government stopped hiding the truth.

Louise Staley MP

Shadow Treasurer

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