Upper House called to reject punitive Chinese tariff and trade policy

Labor Government members and crossbenchers will be asked to reject the decision of the Chinese Communist Party to block access of some Victorian exports including timber, wine, barley and seafood at tomorrow’s regional sitting of the Victorian Upper House in Bright.

Government members and crossbenchers will also be asked to congratulate the Commonwealth Government on its decision to cancel the Belt and Road Initiative Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Daniel Andrews on 8 October 2018 and the Belt and Road Framework Agreement, signed on 23 October 2019, because they were not in the interests of Victoria and Australia.

The Federal Government has knocked out two of the odious agreements signed secretly by Daniel Andrews without formal pre-approval of his Cabinet. These agreements were not in the interests of Victoria or Australia.

Country Victorians will be asking how they have benefitted from these agreements signed between Daniel Andrews and the Chinese Communist Party. Instead, Victorian agricultural and primary producers have been hurt by games played by the Chinese Communist Party.

The cancellation of these agreements is a step to enhance Australia’s sovereignty and should be supported by all members of the Chamber.

David David MP

Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council

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