Upper House directs Andrews and ALP to provide documents to IBAC

The Andrews Labor Government must instruct the Victorian branch of the Australian Labor Party (ALP) to provide all documents requested by the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) in its Operation Watts inquiry after a motion was passed by the Liberal Nationals in the Upper House.

Daniel Andrews has starved IBAC of resources in a deliberate attempt to constrain its investigations into ALP corruption and, in relation to Operation Watts, has refused to direct the ALP to comply with IBAC’s requests for documents.

The Upper House has said enough. Daniel Andrews must instruct the ALP Victorian branch to provide all requested documents expeditiously to IBAC.

Labor fought the Red Shirts inquiry by refusing to cooperate with the Ombudsman. They spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayers’ dollars on challenges to the Ombudsman’s investigation all the way to the High Court, refused to cooperate with police, and blocked Lower House members cooperating with the Red Shirts inquiry.

Daniel Andrews and the ALP are not above the law. Today, the Upper House of the Victorian Parliament said they need to comply with IBAC’s requests.

David Davis MP

Shadow Treasurer