Urgent action needed for rental stability

Victorian tenants and landlords have been left in limbo as the Victorian Government fails to address rental agreements for those affected by the economic fallout due to COVID-19.

The Prime Minister announced two weeks ago that the National Cabinet had agreed to a moratorium on evictions and that it was up to the states to put in place state-based packages and agreements.

Whilst the New South Wales Government has announced a package to assist tenants and landlords, Victorian tenants and landlords are waiting too long to see what, if anything, the Victorian Government will do.

The Victorian Government must end this uncertainty and announce a program that will provide clarity and assist both tenants and landlords during this extremely difficult time.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Consumer Affairs, Neil Angus:

“The Victorian Government can’t continue to put dealing with rental agreements in the too hard basket.

“Those tenants who’ve lost their jobs and property owners are keen to do the right thing, they just need certainty and direction from the Victorian Government.

“In the meantime, there is a high level of uncertainty and stress for both tenants and landlords caused by the inaction of the Victorian Government.”

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