VicRoads sale places Victorians private data at risk

The proposed sale of VicRoads by the Andrews Labor Government places the personal data of millions of Victorians at risk.

Today’s opening of expressions of interest to the private sector to operate VicRoads Registration and Licensing and Custom Plates services could see millions of Victorians private data transferred to a unknown private provider.

Labor’s constant bungles on IT projects means that can’t be trusted to get these projects right. Previous Labor Government data breaches include:

  • 2016 multiple breaches of personal data of children in foster care.

  • 2017 after a review into the Child Protection breaches, further breaches were identified.

  • 15 million individuation data breaches by myki to a third party between 2015 and 2018.

  • 2019/20 OVIC report has shown data breach notifications received over that time has increased year on year since Andrews came to government including a 16 per cent increase in that year alone.

This privatisation is motivated by Daniel Andrews’ deteriorating budget position – with Victoria’s debt now projected to reach up $107 billion this financial year, equivalent to 535 Women’s & Children’s Hospitals.

By pressing ahead with the privatisation of VicRoads, Daniel Andrews is placing a quick buck ahead of the data security of millions of Victorians.

Comments attributable to Shadow Treasurer, David Davis:

“The surge in Victoria’s debt is entirely due to Labor’s incompetence with the budget tipping into deficit at the end of 2019, before COVID 19 hit.

“Labor’s terrible and damaging mismanagement of the second wave of COVID has smashed the Victorian economy and budget.

“Now Andrews and his Treasurer will sell anything that’s not nailed down.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Roads, Louise Staley:

“Labor has a shocking track record on protecting personal data and the sale of drivers licence information is a threat to millions of Victorians’ privacy.

“Labor has run up the white flag on fixing its VicRoads IT issues and is now offloading the problem to someone else.

“The fire sale of VicRoads is a bad deal for Victorians and threatens higher costs and poorer service.”