Victoria’s youth crime crisis continues under Daniel Andrews

Reports today have once again highlighted Victoria’s ongoing youth crime crisis under Daniel Andrews, as serious offences committed by 10-17 year-old children continue to skyrocket.

Data from the Crime Statistics Agency shows alarming increases in serious offences committed by 10-17 year-olds under the Andrews Labor Government, including:

· Aggravated robbery offences up over 74 per cent

· Aggravated Burglary offences up over 96 per cent

· Non-Aggravated robbery offences up over 332 per cent

· Assaults on Police and Emergency Service Workers up over 142 per cent

These figures are in addition to Crime Statistics Agency data that shows the largest cohort of alleged offenders for crimes against the person remains 15-19 year-olds.

The Andrews Labor Government has failed to address Victoria’s youth crime crisis and with such a dramatic increase in serious youth offending, it’s little wonder why more Victorians don’t feel safe in their homes, their neighbourhoods or on public transport at night.

A more of the same approach on youth crime simply isn’t good enough and Daniel Andrews must act to keep at risk youth engaged with school and their communities before they slip into a life of crime.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Police, David Southwick:

“Whatever this Government is trying on youth crime clearly isn’t working and innocent Victorians are paying the price.”

“Daniel Andrews approach to youth crime is seeing today’s young offenders becoming tomorrow’s hardened criminals.”

“Daniel Andrews must act to keep at risk youth engaged with school and community and out of a life of crime.”

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