Victorian Heart Hospital four years late and $414 million over budget

Right now, record numbers of Victorians are waiting in pain to get the treatment they need, at the same time Daniel Andrews has thrown the Victorian Heart Hospital in the too hard basket.

Seven years after Daniel Andrews said the Victorian Heart Hospital would now be open, the latest estimates say it would be open in December 2022 – four years late.

Seven years after Daniel Andrews said the hospital would cost taxpayers $150 million, it is now costing taxpayers $564 million - a blowout of $414 million.

In their haste to ‘get on with it’, they have failed to plan, failed to scope, failed to manage, failed to control costs, and failed to keep their word.

Daniel Andrews in an interview on 29 June 2021 said of his government’s abject failure to contain costs, “Things cost what they ultimately cost” and “Anyone that’s done a kitchen renno for heaven’s sake knows”.

This is not a kitchen renovation, Premier. The public have a right to expect this money not be wasted and squandered, especially on a critical health project committed to seven years ago that is still not delivered, and Victorians deserve better than an invoice for almost three times the original quote.

Victorians are being let down by Labor having no plan and with budget blowouts in the billions across major projects, constant waste and mismanagement, our economic recovery is at risk.

Comments attributable to Shadow Treasurer, David Davis:

“Despite Daniel Andrews saying “I say what I do and I do what I say” it is clear he and Labor do not. The Victorian Heart Hospital promised seven years ago is still at least 12 months away from opening and $414 million over budget.

“Labor’s failure to plan, scope, manage and control costs on the Victorian Heart Hospital project means $414 million less is available to support all Victorians through the COVID-19 crisis and during our recovery.”

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Health, Georgie Crozier:

“The Heart Hospital is another project that under the management of the Andrews Labor Government has had cost and timelines blown out.

“With Victoria’s health system in crisis, the failures of the Andrews Labor Government to plan properly continues to put Victorians lives at risk.”