Victorian Labor is the Guilty Party on wage theft

Reports today that even more public servants have not been paid their overtime or other entitlements shows that Labor’s hypocrisy on wage theft knows no bounds.

During Parliament’s Question Time today, Labor’s Minister for Industrial Relations, Tim Pallas, admitted that firefighters and other public servants have been underpaid, but failed to guarantee they would get every dollar they’re owed in their next pay packet.

Pallas blamed the latest scandal on “administrative errors”, but he wouldn’t say if any action would be taken against responsible Ministers or the heads of their Departments.

This follows revelations that public servants working for the National Gallery of Victoria, public hospitals, prisons and youth justice facilities have not been paid at the correct rate, or have not received their superannuation entitlements.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations, Nick Wakeling:

“Andrews and Labor should hang their heads in shame for lecturing others on wage theft when it’s Victorian public servants who’ve been short-changed.

“Today’s admission that firefighters and other public servants have been underpaid is further proof that Andrews and Labor are the Guilty Party on wage theft.”

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