Victorians to be penalised for Labor’s fines stuff up

The Andrews Labor Government has announced changes to road safety regulations which will allow it to apply penalties and demerit points to drivers even if penalty notices issued are never received by a driver alleged to have broken a road law.

Under the changes VicRoads will apply penalties to drivers even in circumstances where it has sent the fine to the wrong address.

The announcement came within hours of media reports highlighting that the administration of more than 123,000 penalty notices totaling $700 million have been botched through ongoing administrative and IT problems within the bungled roll out of Fines Victoria.

Instead of admitting fault and fixing the serious problems with Fines Victoria, Daniel Andrews now wants to make Victorians liable for penalty notices that they may never receive.

This change is designed to allow the government to paper over the botched fines enforcement system, and slug people even when it fails to correctly send a fine.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Roads (Metropolitan), Gordon Rich-Phillips:

Under Daniel Andrews the management of road safety fines has been a monumental stuff up.

Rather than fixing the problem, Andrews has now made Victorians liable for penalties even if the government fails to send them correctly, just to cover up his own mess.

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