Vulnerable Victorians disadvantaged by PT shutdown

Essential workers, carers and the most vulnerable people in our communities will be most impacted by the total shutdown of public transport to the Melbourne CBD on Saturday morning.

While we do not condone breaking the law with mass gatherings that risk new outbreaks of COVID, this extreme action is a sign of the frustration, powerlessness and lack of hope that every Victorian is feeling right now.

The unprecedented move to shut down our public transport network is a desperate move from a Premier desperately out of ideas.

Stopping our trains won’t stop those who are willing to break the law, it will only further disadvantage the most vulnerable in our community who rely on public transport for daily essential needs.

The Andrews Labor Government’s iron-fisted approach to restrictions and 18 months yo-yoing in and out of lockdowns – at barely a moment’s notice – have pushed Victorians to breaking point.

Simply telling Victorians who rely on public transport to get to essential work or for essential daily needs to ‘find alternative transport’ is a cop out from a Labor Government with no plan to get Victoria back on track.

Daniel Andrews’ draconian rules are crushing Victorian’s spirits. We need a sensible way forward that gives Victorian’s hope.

Changes can be made today to deliver this.

Ending the curfew, a plan to get kids back in the classroom for Term 4, allowing small outdoor family gatherings and releasing the health advice behind decisions on restrictions are simple, sensible changes that can be made today.

After 228 days in lockdown, Victorians deserve the truth and a real plan that gives us hope.