What is the cost of Labor’s failure to act sooner?

Reports today of an in-principle agreement on pay and conditions between Yarra Trams and the transport union is cold comfort for commuters who’ve endured six months of tram strikes.

By claiming this in-principle agreement as a “win”, Labor’s Public Transport Minister Melissa “not my job” Horne is admitting that commuters have lost, by having to endure 10 strikes since August 2019, including during the Australian Open.

But the real question that needs answering is: how much will commuters and taxpayers pay for Horne’s failure to act sooner?

Victorian taxpayers know that Labor did a grubby deal at their expense to avoid a bus strike before the 2018 State Election, but they’ve still not spelled out the costs of this.

Andrews and Labor must come clean on how much taxpayers are on the hook for their latest intervention.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations, Nick Wakeling:

“Commuters and taxpayers deserve to know how much they’ll pay for Labor’s intervention and its failure to act sooner to end this ugly dispute.

“Premier Andrews must come clean on exactly how much this 14 per cent pay rise will cost Victorian taxpayers.

“Andrews and Labor have buggered the budget, they’ve buggered public transport and we know that when they run out of money they come after yours.

“Andrews must get rid of his failed Public Transport Minister who hasn’t done her job for the last six months.”

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