Will “Super Lobbyist” Fowles MP

The Andrews Labor Government is so angry with the cowboy developers that illegally demolished the Corkman Hotel, they are now handing them a licence to make millions of dollars in profit to teach them a lesson they won’t forget.

These rogue developers sure were lucky to hire Australia’s greatest ever lobbyist, the now Member for Burwood, who’s strategic brilliance turned almost certain financial disaster into a profit windfall.

This is the same lobbyist-turned Member for Burwood who once said about his clients, the Corkman Cowboys:

“They made a mistake, they are sorry and they are going to make it right. Heritage consultants will be engaged in the next few weeks to commence the process of rebuilding.”

But there has been no rebuilding of the Corkman Hotel.

Instead, Will Fowles’ former client received a sweetheart deal from Minister Richard Wynne who is his ‘close personal friend.’

Developers and lobbyists throughout Victoria will all now be wondering: what’s the secret to Will Fowles’ success and was there a success fee?

Tim Smith MP

Shadow Minister for Planning and Heritage

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