World’s longest lockdown put Victorian jobs, working hours in reverse

Victorian workers face fewer opportunities as local jobs and working hours suffer the largest falls in the nation.

Data released today from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) confirms that 123,000 fewer Victorians were employed between August and September 2021.

Across this same period, employment grew in Queensland by 31,000 people.

Additionally, part time and casual workers continue to lose out with 16.6 million fewer hours worked between August and September, following similar drops in June and August 2021.

Concerningly and despite the continued lockdowns across New South Wales, monthly hours worked rose by 13.8 million hours over this same period.

Whilst New South Wales and other states have continued to grow jobs and their economies, under Daniel Andrews Victoria remains in reverse with no plan to rebuild and recover.

Comments attributable to Shadow Treasurer, David Davis MP:

“Daniel Andrews COVID mismanagement has caused not only a record day of new cases, but now the largest drop in jobs in the nation.

“With fewer jobs and working hours, it is any wonder why people are leaving Victoria in record numbers?

“Daniel Andrews’ unworkable roadmap is a handbrake on Victorian jobs. We need a new plan that gives business confidence and a fighting chance.

“The Premier must stick to the national plan so Victoria can get back on track and Victorians back to work. He must open up in line with the national plan as Victorians are.