Worst IT disaster in over a decade as Fines Victoria system crashes

The IT system to collect Victoria’s fines and manage warrants has reportedly collapsed and could take over a year to fix.

The overseas IT system was purchased by the Andrews Labor Government in 2016 and according to the provider’s media release would ‘help to improve and streamline operations’ but has instead been plagued with failures and cost blowouts.

The Herald Sun reports that 123,000 penalties had not been paid and $685 million in Magistrates’ Court penalties remain outstanding.

The Liberal Nationals have been warning of the potential IT mess for years, yet the Andrews Labor Government has done nothing but sit back and watch the worst IT project in over a decade play out and crash.

Fines Victoria’s IT system has now cost $59.18 million – a budget blowout of 37.5%. The time blowout has also now reached more than three years overdue.

Comments attributable to Shadow Attorney-General, Edward O’Donohue:

“This is the Myki mess on steroids, but it is far worse because it reaches into every single thing that Fines Victoria does.

“Every State Government service that relies on this revenue, council services, the justice system are all now in jeopardy because this is a fundamental failure that goes to the heart of government.

“The Andrews Labor Government has already run out of money so this will inevitably mean new or higher taxes to clean up its mess.

“This has the potential to cost Victorians hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars which will mean additional costs to services already under financial pressure like healthcare.”

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