Wyndham residents in fear as Health Minister abandons them

Embattled Health Minister Jenny Mikakos has abandoned residents in Melbourne’s west and the significant concerns they have about the health impacts of Labor’s proposal to dump contaminated toxic soil in Wyndham.

Under questioning in Parliament this week, Minister Mikakos said any health impacts for Wyndham residents due to contaminated soil was a “matter that relates to the Environment Protection Authority Victoria.”

Contaminated soil from the West Gate Tunnel is believed to contain a number of carcinogens and asbestos.

Daniel Andrews, under questioning in Parliament today also refused to rule out proceeding with Labor’s plan to once again use Melbourne’s west as a dumping ground for toxic waste.

However, the Minister refused to say if any advice had been received from her department on the health impacts of this soil inhaled as dust by local residents.

The Minister also refused to detail whether the Andrews Government will provide extra facilities and resources to the Wyndham community to deal with the impact of the exposure to contaminants.

The Minister’s refusal to undertake further research into the immediate impact of toxic waste in Wyndham is in stark contrast to her commitment for the Department of Health and Human Services 58 page “Climate Change Action Plan”.

The plan details the significant health and wellbeing risks of contaminants, mycotoxins, air pollution and airborne pollen.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Health, Georgie Crozier:

“It is neglectful that Andrews and Mikakos have no understanding of any potential health risks by dumping this toxic soil into a growing, thriving community.

“If a study for Wyndham has been done and Mikakos is hiding it from the public, that’s dangerous and derelict in her duties. If she does not know the health impact, that is neglectful.

Comments attributable to Member for Western Metropolitan Region, Bernie Finn:

“For Andrews, Pallas and Mikakos to walk away from the immediate health and wellbeing of Wyndham residents this just shows how much they care about Melbourne’s west.

“The Andrews Government is putting at risk the health of thousands of Wyndham residents—men, women and children—from the government’s big dump.”

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