Youth justice staff in constant danger under Daniel Andrews and Labor

Victoria’s youth justice staff have become the punching bags of young violent offenders as the 5 years of chaos in the system continues under Daniel Andrews and Labor.

If Daniel Andrews’ Minister cannot fix the issues gripping our youth justice centres then the Premier himself must personally intervene to resolve this crisis.

Staff in Victoria’s youth justice centres should be able to go to work and know that they will sign off, and return to their families unharmed. Instead, far too many are ending up in hospital with serious and potentially life threatening injuries.

With a lack of investment and support for workers in our youth justice system leading to mass staff turnover, young offenders know they can run Victoria’s youth justice centres.

It is time Daniel Andrews gave staff and management the resources needed to take back control of Victoria’s youth justice centres and improve staff safety.

Youth justice staff work tirelessly to improve the opportunities for young people in the system and the more successful they are, the safer our community will be.

It is shameful the Andrews Labor Government continues to fail to support them in doing this important work.

Brad Battin MP

Shadow Minister for Youth Justice

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